That's assuming the disabilities were noticed and diagnosed. It's entirely possible to walk out of the hospital with a kid and the child never have contact with a healthcare provider until it's time to go to school. That's plenty of time to have five disabled kids and a sixth on the way before anyone flags that… » 8/03/14 1:25pm 8/03/14 1:25pm

That's very sad. I hope that people won't get the idea that these unusual aircraft are unsafe. I flew in (on?) one about a decade ago for a story I wrote about the centenary of the Wright brothers' first flight. My impression was that it's the closest thing you can get to the very early days of flight in an aircraft… » 8/01/14 11:18pm 8/01/14 11:18pm

Spring of 1997 I decide it's time to buy a car to get me back and forth to college, and my dad offers to match the what I have in the bank, so we go out looking for a simple, reliable used car. After hitting the used lots at a few dealerships, with the NADA guide in a back pocket, we find a four or five year old Geo… » 8/01/14 11:01pm 8/01/14 11:01pm

Somewhere, and I'm upset to realize I don't know where right now, I have the full set of these in English. My grandpa, who worked in the motor trade in the UK and was an enthusiastic 2CV owner, brought them over to the states when he visited me as a kid. I thought I had them with my actual Tintin books, but they're… » 8/01/14 10:25pm 8/01/14 10:25pm

I'm vacationing on the Delmarva Peninsula about a week from now. This is the time frame where I nervously keep an eye on the NHC. So any tropical waves or cyclones are more than welcome to peter out in the southern Caribbean or spin off into the middle Atlantic, thank you. » 7/31/14 6:09pm 7/31/14 6:09pm

The other version of that is the British Airways captain who landed in Frankfurt and was told by the controller to taxi to such and such a gate. The captain asked for directions from the runway to the gate, and the controller asked, "BA 123, have you never been to Frankfurt before?" » 7/27/14 11:53pm 7/27/14 11:53pm

That's hardly non abusive. The creation of child pornography is an act of abuse in itself. By consuming it, you create a market and an incentive to commit abuse in order to record it. That's why possession of images depicting the sexual abuse of children is illegal. » 7/19/14 12:14am 7/19/14 12:14am